Aug 9, 2023

How Cloud ID Solves Complex Identity Needs: A Sports League Case Study

Recently, we announced that Cloud ID is being launched across a major sports league. The identity and access management needs of live sports and high-traffic streaming events can be complex – even more so when authentication is spread out across many services, channels, and devices.

In tandem with the press release, we published a new Cloud ID whitepaper outlining some of these challenges and how the platform solves for them. Download the whitepaper here.

Here are some quick highlights from the document:

  • Sports content access requires authentication across different streaming platforms, subscription tiers, viewing rights, regions, devices.
  • Sports streaming is increasingly fragmented, making it more difficult for fans to find where they can stream a game.
  • Sports content is highly variable, with big traffic spikes during game times.
  • Cloud ID solves these problems by:
    • Standardizing the integration process into industry standard formats, which also speeds up the time for 3rd parties to integrate.
    • Periodic authorization checks ensure users have access to their entitled content, and have the corrent subscription permissions.
    • During traffic spikes, a “circuit breaker” feature in Cloud ID ensures the viewer has a seamless experience if the authentication APIs are overloaded.

The Cloud ID platform includes comprehensive testing environments, high scalability, and the ability to handle custom authentication and authorization needs. This allows sports leagues to focus on what matters: building their viewership and offering fans a better authentication experience.