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Synacor Fast Tracks Complex Streaming Integrations With Cloud ID™ Media Connect

Consumer identity access management pre-integrations with 500+ networks, services, MVPDs and platforms slashes rollout times for new content deals and launches

BUFFALO, N.Y, December 20, 2023
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Synacor today announced the Cloud ID™ Media Connect managed consumer identity access management (“CIAM”) service to fast track streaming ecosystem deployments amid a heavily fragmented viewing market. Cloud ID Media Connect can save streaming media companies months or even years of authentication integration work required to connect streaming services to various platforms. The new offering, which is pre-integrated with more than 500 networks, services, MVPDs and platforms, comes as changing business models, more complex deals and a continued wave of new content providers upend streaming market dynamics.

As the streaming market matures, more content is being distributed to more platforms. Deals are often made on the fly with urgent rollout requirements. More content providers are entering the market with no prior experience navigating an increasingly splintered ecosystem. At the same time, security requirements are more pressing than ever, demanding SAML or OAuth integrations that can each take weeks or months to complete and require ongoing support and maintenance. This is further complicated by many providers not offering standard authentication endpoints, requiring custom API integrations. It is not uncommon for content providers to support a dozen or more platform integrations at a time, and some MVPDs or streaming TV providers must accommodate literally thousands of combinations of content provider apps and streaming platforms.

Based on more than a decade of experience managing comprehensive authentication integrations for premium entertainment services, Cloud ID Media Connect delivers a reliable, managed CIAM solution that is now pre-integrated with more than 500 content distributors, platforms and MVPDs, including AT&T, Comcast Xfinity, Charter Spectrum, DISH, Amazon Prime, MAX, Paramount+, Peacock, Sling TV, DirecTV Stream and YouTube TV. Synacor has helped customers launch new services or meet the terms of new deals in as little as a couple weeks, saving countless hours of integration time and eliminating the need for internal authentication expertise.

“A recurring theme in our recent customer meetings is heightened concerns about content security, recognition that authentication requirements are becoming overwhelming and a desire to move as quickly as possible to get content everywhere it needs to be,” said Synacor Senior Vice President Dana Golden. “Cloud ID Media Connect immediately delivers several years of complex authentication integrations to support changing business requirements and get content in front of consumers as quickly as possible.”

More connections, more capabilities

Cloud ID Media Connect features end user capabilities like home-based authentication, Apple® Single Sign-on with your TV Provider, device rendezvous solutions and more. Cloud ID Media Connect seamlessly integrates with Cloud ID Passkey Connect, a managed service offering for passkey management, registration and authentication.

Powered by Oracle® Cloud Infrastructure, Cloud ID provides a modern, custom and turnkey identity management platform for premium, globally renowned streaming entertainment, content and service provider companies, with use cases spanning traditional MVPDs, telcos, healthcare, hotels, airlines, rewards programs and more. Cloud ID leverages Synacor’s expertise in creating breakthrough identity management solutions to move toward the industry goal of frictionless customer experiences that retain high levels of security. Cloud ID reaches more than 200M subscribers and manages more than 30M unique sign-ins per month.

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